[Comic Review] Uncanny Avengers #3

UncannyAvengers003Oh Marvel, Marvel, Marvel…exactly how many Avengers and X-Men titles are you going to come up with? Better yet, how many of them will be able to hold their own and continue with decent story and art? That is a question that seriously needs to be considered.

In Uncanny Avengers #3, I’m still left on the fence about this particular series. Each issue has its moments to shine, and, in my opinion, seems to come up just a tad short of spectacular. This one is no different.

I have to say I have a part of me that loves the Red Skull character. Within the pages of Uncanny Avengers, things are taken one step further and the Red Skull has transplanted Xavier’s brain into his, making him a telepath with rather immense and twisted powers.

In this issue, we find the Red Skull in New York, causing a riot amongst the masses as he controls the “normal” humans into lashing out at mutants. I love this. As a matter of fact, when our Avengers team, led by Havoc, arrives, I had hopes for something epic. When Captain America started giving into the Red Skull’s powers, I really wanted to see this character fall from grace and lash out, making him a mind-controlled villain, if only for a little while. Instead, I was sorely disappointed when the focus shifts and Thor ends up being the duped super hero. Although I’m still tickled to see one of the big-named Avengers fall…I still wish it had worked out different. But, at least I had some satisfaction in seeing Wolverine getting smeared! Yes…I do indeed have a love/hate relationship with many of the mainstream heroes.

The artwork in this title is satisfactory. There are a few panels where I’m not really sure how faces and bodies of characters could contort in such a fashion…but it’s not enough to take away from the book as a whole. One thing I can say is it’s very poppy.

Rating: 4/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Artwork (0.5/2), Character Development (1/2), Climax (0.5/2), Plot Development (1/2), Story (1/2).


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