[Comic Review] Morbius: the Living Vampire #1

Morbius001There have already been several sketchy titles in Marvel’s “Marvel Now” lineup. I do my best to pick up first and second issues of almost everything that is released, even Avengers, but unfortunately, not many have made the list of must-reads for me.

With their latest release, Morbius: the Living Vampire #1, I thought it was just going to be another title to throw into the pile of disappointment. Instead, I reached the back cover with a feeling of content and happiness. After reading Spider-Man #699.1, I was intrigued enough to get #1, so in essence, this is really the second issue revolving around the Morbius character. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the character. I’ve wanted to like the character for so long, but he’s always been written coming up short. This time around, however, I think I may have finally found the Morbius I’ve always wanted.

In this issue, we find our new hero settling into a suburb of New York called Brownsville. It doesn’t take long before he gets a taste of exactly what kind of world he’s stepped in. This issue is mainly his adjustment to freedom and his “death”. What I love most is, this book has a very Spider-Man feel to it as far as the writing and the abuse the character goes through. He tries to be a good guy, no matter how much he has to go through and if that’s a trend that keeps up, this will be a series I will keep buying.

The artwork also has the same Spider-Man feel to it. I didn’t take the time to note the artistic team behind this yet, but they have the lines and inking that strike a cord with me, and the motion panels are reminiscent of the web-slinger as well.

Rating: 9.5/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Artwork (2/2), Character Development (2/2), Climax (2/2), Plot Development (1.5/2), Story (2/2).


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