[Comic Review] The Whistling Skull #1

TheWhistlingSkull001When I saw an advertisement for DC ComicsThe Whistling Skull, I was more than a little interested. Something a little bit horror and a little bit steam punk, toss in 1940s era Europe and Nazi’s…and you have a winner!

Being a #1, this issue was an introduction to both the story, the world and the main characters, William and Nigel and their alter-egos.

The story is interesting enough, as the duo is asked to come to a small swish village to investigate a series of disappearances. Insert some backstory with flashbacks (which flow well, might I add) and there you have the gist of issue #1.

The artwork, I think, is great. There’s a lot going on and it has a certain feel that I can’t help but find appealing. This is only a six-part series, but, if things keep going this way I hope DC keeps it around.

Rating: 9/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Artwork (1.5/2), Character Development (2/2), Climax (2/2), Plot Development (2/2), Story (1.5/2).


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