[Comic Review] The Flash #13-14

The Flash #13-14

Sometimes, there’s comics that I want so bad to start picking up and reading. The problem I seem to encounter is where to do so? Do I just pick up a random issue as it comes and start from there? Do I need to start from #1 and get caught up? Often, I simply get flabbergasted at the thought of trying to pick up an already established series, which is why when I see new titles hitting the shelf in a series trying to make a name for itself, I’m so quick to pick them up and give them a chance.

But, I’ve decided to delve a bit into my want list and see what other titles have to offer.

One such title is DC ComicsThe Flash. Being a day late and a dollar short on the initial release of the ‘New 52,’ I didn’t get into the titles right away. Instead, I started picking newer titles up here in there as previous series were being replaced. But, with The Flash, it’s been around since the first wave and will most likely continue to be around for year to come. And, waiting around for the Hardcover/Trade to be release can often lead to a backlog of other issues (in this case, the HC consists of #1-6, leaving #7-14 still to be caught up on). So, seeing Gorilla Grodd making an appearance, I couldn’t resist and had to start picking up the title. And, although it’s obvious I’ve missed some happenings, The Flash #13 wasn’t a bust, and in fast, left me feeling sated and at least in the loop on The Flash storyline at this date and time.

TheFlash013In The Flash #13, we find Flash out cold and at the mercy of the Rogues just in time for a large-scale invading “gorilla” attack. Conveniently, it forces two opposite sides to work together to protect their home. Although some a bit hesitant, the Rogues see the necessity and come around proving to work well with Flash to help hinder the invaders. As it turns out, Grodd is behind the attack and as this is the first part of a three-part story arc, not much is given away. It’s obvious Grodd is on Earth for a reason, but is it to get the Flash (which he doesn’t seem to show much interest in in this issue) or something else?

The artwork in this title is amazing, and from what I can tell picking up an issue here and there just to flip through it at the local store, has been since the beginning. The coloring and inking work well together and seem to pop off the screen. The full page panels, and sometimes full two-page panels, can be breathtaking!

The story in this particular issue is alright. Again, it’s worth noting I have not picked up any issues previous in this series to read, so it’s obvious I’ve missed out some of the backstory. However, that being said, it’s well put together (with introduction of WHAM, attacking gorillas aside). I was able to pick this issue up and take off from the beginning without feeling too lost as to what was going on. That says a lot about the writer Francis Manapul. It’s engaging with decent pace and enough oomph to make me want to continue reading not only the story arc, but also to keep up with the series as a whole.

Rating: 7.5/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Artwork (2), Character Development (1), Climax (1.5), Plot Development (1.5), Story (1.5).

TheFlash014I’m still impressed with DC Comics’ The Flash. As the story arc continues, the art also is on par. It’s visually appealing and has plenty for the eye to take in.

In The Flash #14, we see the continuation of the “Gorilla Warfare” storyline, and what can go wrong with not only apes wreaking havoc, but apes wreaking havoc while being led by Gorilla Grodd! In this issue, Grodd and the Flash face off, and this time the ape seems to be quite the match for our hero in red spandex.

Fight scene aside, the story in this issue is a little meh. It has some flashbacking, and bit of alternate reality merging (I think), with others crossing over in the nick of time (NO SPOILERS). But, what it does lack the eye candy more than makes up for. Although, with this one not quite as up to snuff as the first (see The Flash issue #13 above) I’m interested to see how they wrap things up in issue #15.

Rating: 6.5/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Artwork (2/2), Character Development (.5/2), Climax (2/2), Plot Development (1/2), Story (1/2).


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