[Comic Review] Hellblazer #298

The John Constantine character in Vertigo ComicsHellblazer line has always had a little spot in my heart. I enjoy the dark-sided heroes, and that mentality usually gets about any character a spot on my pull list, even if only for a little while.

But, like all good things, corporate entities hold sway and titles change hands. Unfortunately, this will be the case for Hellblazer. Soon, John Constantine will be moved over into DC Comics’ “New 52,” and although I have high hopes…I’m not entirely sure what this means for the character and the stability of the series as a whole.

But, whatever will happen, will happen.

Hellblazer298It’s because of this I decided to write a bit about the last few issues, beginning with Hellblazer #298.

Here, the beginning of the ‘Death and Cigarettes´ story begins.

Constantine appears aware of his soon-to-be demise, even proving his point home with Epiphany by testing what she thinks is merely a fanciful notion. The story here is pretty solid. Not much in terms of action, and instead is a bit of a testament to his last days, beginning the count down with five days to go. The cliffhanger is also a little jaw dropping and one that has me actually excited for the next two issues. Whether the character is simply going to be shuffled quickly over to DC Comics with story intact, or started completely fresh (the character also moonlights in DC’s Justice League Dark, which has grown on me, mostly due to this particular character).

The artwork is also good and is much darker than the DC counterpart thus far. The cover is also intriguing. Although not the best one I’ve seen, it is definitely interesting and lends to the issues’ theme of a ‘shell of a man’ concept and the internal clock that has been ticking away at Constantine now for years.

As I said, if things keep up, the series will end on a high note in Vertigo’s hands. I just hope that DC won’t kid-ify it or the character when the changing of the guard happens after Hellblazer #700.

Rating: 9/10 Gingered Digits.

Artwork (1.5/2), Character Development (2/2), Climax (2/2), Plot Development (2/2), Story (1.5/2).


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