[Comic Review] Shadowman #1

Shadowman #1

Shadowman #1

There’s been a bit of hubbub on the internet concerning Shadowman #1, released by Valiant.

I have to say that this title shows promise. But, it just isn’t there yet.

The artwork by Patrick Zircher and Brian Reber is great. If there is one thing I can say about this title is the art. Some of the double page spreads are done quite well.

The story has its ups and downs. The main character, Jack Boniface, has great potential. With what information they did pass on in this introductory issue, there is a lot of room for him to grow and develop. However, that didn’t really happen here. We catch a glimpse of where he came from and what he’s currently doing. The two stories come full circle as we soon find the he hired an investigator to help find out just who his parents were.

The introduction of the villain (at least for a few issues) was actually quite effective. The grotesque and menacing vibe that is meant to be expressed seems to come through the pages well.

However, the buck stops there, so to speak. The ending of the issue comes way to quick, and the “Shadowman” persona is shoved down our throats in a hurry. And, without much in terms of explanation other than the fact the Jack’s old man had assumed that role in the past.

Valiant has done a great job on its previous titles. I hope that the creative team behind this one can tighten things up a bit and drive it home with the next issue.

Rating:  6/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great artwork, some character development (although not necessarily where it counts), ok story, interesting plotline with some serious potential.


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