[Comic Review] Lot 13 #2

Lot 13 #2

Lot 13 #2

I believe I have lost my excitement for this particular series. Somewhere between issue #1 and Issue #2, DC Comics and its creative crew ran off course.

In Lot 13 #2, the story had promise. With a decent enough leaving point in the previous issue, I was hoping for more substance. With only a glimpse of the ghostly child in the previous issue, we are now exposed to full blown figures, and not just of the child but of other individuals that have a tie to the hotel/motel in which the family the story revolves around is staying.

The artwork isn’t my particular favorite either. It’s very penciled, which in and of itself is not bad. However, a few of the faces of the characters come off as…well…off. One panel in particular, where the sisters are on the sofa texting, the dad says something witty and the auburn-haired sister laughs…she comes off looking like a crazed psychopath.

What this book does do is give of the creepy factor. Some of this is chalked up to the actual artwork, as it works well in this aspect. Although it takes its toll on the living characters, the artist’s style comes to life on the faces and bodies of the deceased.

What I can’t understand is, how the ghastly presences comment on how the young ones can always see, then why does everyone in the place able to see them? The father and mother certainly are beyond their adolescent years.

The cliffhanger, however, is very effective. With the son disappearing for a while and finally reappering in the last panel all bloodied with a “Dad, we have a problem,” style of line…its pulled off nicely!

Rating: 5.5/10 Gingered Digits.

Scoring: Artwork (1), Character Development (.5), Climax (1.5), Plot Development (1.5), Story (1).


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