[Comic Review] A+X #2

A+X #2

I have to say that, if nothing else, Marvel’s A+X series is mildly entertaining. Although, not nearly as interesting as the previous issue, A+X #2 comes off a little ‘meh’ in comparison. Perhaps it’s the pairings, but it wasn’t anywhere near as exciting or fulfilling as before.

First, we take a look at a girls day outing with Rogue and Black Widow. This is the better of the two stories in question. The artwork is alright, even if slightly adolescent in appearance. The story is a little poor, but, in the case that is A+X, story isn’t really the goal nor the actual point, as it’s simply a little bit of fluff with a fight involving two named heroes from each group (Avengers and X-Men) and a common villain. There were some tongue and cheek one-liners that made me chuckle.

The second story in this issue involved Kitty Pryde and Iron Man. Not really a pairing I was remotely interested in.  The artwork here also comes off as not nearly as appealing. Again, to each one’s own and my own personal preference isn’t the same as the person next to me. I found the characters to be to stickly or gaunt…almost Ichabod Crane.

However, it’s all in good fun. The lack of story and all action pretense to this series makes them fun, quick reads. Although I’m not really sure what all they are going to have impact on the whole “Marvel Now” concept (which I doubt will be any at all), it still makes them enjoyable. Just be aware, it is exactly what you get, which is to say, nothing to really sink your teeth into. One-shots in all their glory.

One thing of note which disappointed me greatly. Unless there are variants of more than just cover and the inside stories are different, this issue is not the same as planned on Marvel’s website. The second story involves the same characters, however, Rogue and Black Widow replace the story of Spider-Man and Beast (which is why I anticipated this release).

Rating: 1/10 Gingered Digits.

Score: Artwork (1), Character Development (0), Climax (0), Plot Development (0), Story (0).


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