[Comic Review] All-Star Western #14

All-Star Western #14

All-Star Western #14

I’ve been out of this series for quite some time. Having getting into it not long ago and then stopping to wait for the first trade paperback to be released, I’ve missed everything from DC ComicsAll Star Western #7 up until the most recent issue of All Star Western #14.

That being said…I’m not really sure what happened.

When I saw that the concept of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were going to be introduced into the series, I was excited. Who doesn’t like Jekyll and Hyde? And to have that tied into the old west…it seemed like a rather nifty read.

The story wasn’t horrid, although I’m sure I’ve missed the gist of it while not having picked up previous issues, but it was still enjoyable overall.

Things got a little…lackluster once the Golden Dragons became involved, and the Barbary Ghost and Tallullah go their merry way.

What I found more of an interesting read, however, was the short in the back involving the Native American Tomahawk. That means I’m going to have to go back and pick up All Star Western #13 just to read the first part.

What I found deterred from the book was the art. A fan of at least issues #1-#6…things just didn’t look the same. I loved the rough and sometimes unfinished look of previous editions. This time around, however, it felt like the unfinished lines and inking took over. Thick hairlines on Hyde and the horrid face of Hex are just a couple of the problems I feel this book has. I’m not sure if the team has changed (as I don’t have previous issues in front of me), but it’s not working. The story was enough in concept to save this issue, but, I’m leery of investing in more issues because of it.

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.

Score: Artwork (.5), Character Development (1), Climax (2), Plot Development (1.5), Story (1).


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