[Comic Review] All-New X-Men #1

All-New X-Men #1

I don’t know how much more “Marvel Now” of Marvel’s I can take.

Out of most of the titles rolling out under their new condensing of the universe, this was one of the few I was actually excited about. Between this, Deadpool and Superior Spider-Man…my “Marvel Now” hopes were set pretty high.

Although this title didn’t fall absurdly short of what mark I said, it still fell short.

I liked the artwork. It’s dark and it fits the theme. The panels were laid out nicely, and even though some were text heavy, it still came off as pleasing to the eye.

The story has some serious potential. Cyclops is working with the likes of Emma Frost and Magneto to round up newly developing mutants to help further the cause. It’s up to the remnants of the X-Men to stop him, as his methods aren’t the most people friendly. So, the team cooks up this idea to travel back into time to recruit the old Cyclops to help them.

The story also heavily involves one of my personally favorite X-Men: Beast. Whether or not it stays that way, I’m not entirely sure, but at least for now it made me content.

What I had problems with was how…choppy the story seemed to be. There wasn’t much flow from one actual scene to the next. It made things worse that most often, that’s where Marvel stuck the ads, and at one point this even made me skimming through the pages thinking I had missed something.

This is going to be a title I continue to follow, at least through this initial storyline. After that…well…we’ll see. But, like I said, I have hopes for this series.

Rating: 7/10 Gingered Digits.

Score: Story [Choppy] (1/2), Artwork (2/2), Character Development (1.5/2), Plot Development (1.5/2), Climax (1/2).


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