[Comic Review] Superboy #14

Superboy #14“Someone’s wearing their crabby panties tonight!”

Let’s just be clear, up until now, I’ve never read any Superboy title in DC Comics’ “New 52” line. I never once had an inkling to pick up a book from the series, that is until now. After reading Superman #13 (which I also haven’t bought into until now), I was interested in the whole H’El On Earth crossover storyline.

I loved Superman #13. However…Superboy #14…not so much.

It becomes clear that there is a lot more involved to this title than simply picking it up and reading it as part of the crossover story. Several previous issue drops (and the most in one book I’ve ever seen, might I add) are littered throughout. Instead of focusing on continuing the story at hand, this habit of hinting at previous happenings over and over again actually detracted from my overall enjoyment.

The story was so-so. With the previous issue in the story (Superman #13), we had some great reading material. With Superboy #14, all that build up had the life sucked right out of it. H’El was introduced rather poorly (and totally took away from his stellar background appearance at the ending of Superman #13).

Apparently, H’El has an issue with Superboy and the fact he’s a clone meant to be a living weapon. Although there were bits and pieces in this issue that could have really brought the title around, it instead fell flat in the long run. To me, if it wasn’t the fact I want to get involved in this story and I already have every intention of finishing it out, I most likely would stop after reading thing.

The artwork is also so-so. Good in its own right…but I had a problem with the paneling. The use of spacing frustrated me. Once or twice would have been fine, but it seemed like every other page had the same broken style of how they (the panels) broke down. I’m not sure if that’s a usual method of style for this title as this is the first I’ve picked up, but if it is, I already dread when I have to buy Superboy #15.

Rating: 3.5/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Story (1), Plot Development (1), Character Development (0.5), Artwork (1), Climax (0).


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