[Comic Review] Happy! #1-2

Happy! #1All I can say is wow!

Image Comics has released something I found to be of particular interest in this new series by Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson and company.

In Happy! #1, we are introduced rather beautifully to our cast of characters.

The story revolves around one Nick Sax, a former detective now former enforcer. The ground is lain as his death is supposedly in the motion, only to find out quite the opposite.

Now, Sax’s plan backfires slightly, and the mob is out for blood and one single word.

I’m a sucker for pretty much anything to do with the gritty crime-inspired books. A lot of the time, that interest usually outweighs any shortcomings these books have. In this case, however, there isn’t really much for my avid fandom to make for.

There are some spots the story is a little thin. But, ya know what, in this case it does seem to work and it comes off as if it’s done on purpose. It’s a satire, of sorts.

The artwork in this book is also just…breathtaking! Having been a fan of Robertson and his previous work with Transmetropolitan, this title comes together wonderfully with Richard P. Clark’s choice of color.

And, once I was introduced to the character Happy the Horse…well…it just kept me going. There are so many hooks here that it’s a great read and a great addition to anyone with any interest in grit and good art.

Rating: 8/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great artwork, great choice in color, good story, ok character development, memorable characters.

Happy! #2The cover of Happy! #2 was enough to draw me in, even if I hadn’t read he first issue.

The story begins to unfold, and the plot solidified a little bit more.

Happy the Horse is more prevalent in this issue, as Nick Sax is beseeched for help as he treks down his road of destruction.

As with the first issue, the artwork here is simply wonderful. The color palette is a great choice and adds to the overall emphasis in each panel.

As Sax struggles to get a grip and make his way out of the hands of a mob-operated hospital, his vices and inner demons get the better of him as the story takes a slight road trip. In the end, however, glimpses from the previous issue and this one come together and we’re introduced to the real plotline behind what would otherwise be chaotic, blue horse-induced mayhem.

Rating: 8/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great artwork, ok story, good plotline, good character development (better than the first).


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