[Comic Review] Guarding the Globe #3

Guarding the Globe #3“I made some good money in my life. I figure I owe it to my old neighborhood to help out in some way.”

There are some books you follow simply because you have been, through the good and the bad. And then, there are books like Guarding the Globe #3, released by Image Comics.

This series has yet to fall short of being great. I’ve addressed this series before, and I will continue to do so. It’s one of the few out there I get excited to see hit the shelves, and I hope Image ensures that it sticks around for a while.

What I find most redeeming about this series is how its take international super heroes (within its world) and brings it down a notch. Yes, we have the big fights and bullet dodging. But more than that, it shows the heroes as being human…that is to say, it reveals them in their day to day lives.

In issue #3, we find Samson cutting hair and recruiting a down-on-his-luck has-been villain to help out around his shop, El Chupacabra has a case of mistaken identity, Brit and family helping with a little cleanup in France, Le Bruiser doing his best to help but still coming up short, and more.

This particular issue seems to be building up to something. In the past issue, there was a buildup involving Atlantis that is only touched on here, as well as the climactic ending involving a space bug, of sorts, and one of the team members.

All in all, it’s been solidified. This series will be a monthly pull.

Rating: 8/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Good interacting stories, good character development, good artwork, good plotlines.


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