[Comic Review] Deadpool #1

Deadpool #1I have always had a love/hate relationship with Marvel’s Deadpool character. I never got into the previous series, nor did I ever go out of my way to pick up a book just because he happened to be a part of it.

That, however, just might change. With Deadpool #1, one of Marvel’s recent “Marvel Now” releases this week (2012-11-07).

I dig the art. It’s about exactly how I like it. Dirty and rough. Nothing fancy as far as technique. No abundance of highlights or overuse of computers.

The storyline is a little “meh,” I’m not going to lie. Dead presidents coming back to life in order to take over the United States of America. A little bit over the top, but then again, what about Deadpool isn’t?

My only real complaint is, it’s technically a restart of sorts for the series. Or rather, a condensing and starting over in the new Marvel perspective. So, looking at it as a #1, rather than a series that has been done previously, they sure do show Deadpool’s face a lot. And by that, he spends a good amount of the first book with parts or all of his face showing.

Overall, I like it. It’s humorous, and the writing has some slapstick humor in it you don’t find in many books (and reminds me a lot of Spider-Man). Is it a ‘Class A’ book? No. But, for $2.99 it’s at least worth checking out and giving it a chance.

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Decent art, humorous, cliché storyline, no real character development, an “eh” plot.


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