[Comic Review] Damsels #1-2

Damsels #1The whole Fables and Grimm Fairy Tales seems to be a trendy subject once the two series’ caught on.

Dynamite’s Damsels takes this concept of fairy tales and skews them slightly.

From what I can tell, a handful of female characters serve as our central characters. Characters such as Sleeping Beauty, Repunzel and others to name a few.

The story kicks off with us following Rapa. She has no clue where she is at nor what she is doing in Repunzel’s kingdom. The creative team does a great job in allowing us to connect with the character, as the glimpses of confusion mixed with scenes involving other characters (i.e., the arrival of Sleeping Beauty) gives us the sense of urgency and panic Rapa is experiencing.

What the actual plot is going to be yet us unclear, however, it seems that Sleeping Beauty and Repunzel are on one side of things, while Rapa and the Little Mermaid (yep, that one) are on the other.

Mix this in a pot with fairies, giants and more from these mythological fairy tales, I think Damsels may just be enough to allow Dynamite to give the other larger and more established titles a decent run for their money.

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Interesting concept, good art, good story, great pacing, confusion as to who is who for characters.

Damsels #2Things start to clear up a bit with the release if Damsels #2. A bit more of Rapa’s backstory is revealed.

It seems that Rapa is the real Repunzel, her memory loss due to some witch’s meddling. Which means, there’s most likely a great explanation coming as to how her husband the king would have become blind and another replaced her.

And, the plot thickens, as aspects of the witch are revealed during the King and guests speech about outsiders, as we find the imposter Repunzel and Sleeping Beauty down casting some form of spell to brainswash the entire town.

The whole fairy-tale theme isn’t usually my bag. And, I’m still a little wishy-washy here as well. But, with #2, many of the problems I had with being lured into the series with #1 are bring parted and a little light is allowed to shine through.

Rating: 7/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Good story, good art, good plot hook.


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