[Comic Review] Guarding the Globe #2

Guarding the Globe #2I cannot say enough about this series and its rag-tag group of global superheroes!

The creators of this series have done an amazing job in putting together a new group of heroes that make you actually like them. Unlike some of the bigger names in the market, Image has allowed for them to create their own organized group and put it down on paper.

I think what this series has done well so far is how they (the creators) connect you to their characters. We get to see a bit of their “real life” as well as their globetrotting day jobs. Unlike some of the others out there, it’s not watching them struggle with an alter ego. Instead, its things like Brit and his autistic son.

In Guarding the Globe #2 we follow our heroes along in three separate encounters. Some of them can be found saving families during a flood in Bangladesh. Others are found fighting a genetic menace in Kuwait, while lastly, we peek in on Chupacabra, whom for reasons yet unknown has been put through “rehab,” cleaned up his act and is allowed to do solo missions in Mexico. All of this ties together through great pacing. Everything is broken up just about the way it should be, and instead of focusing on just one at a time, we visit all three locales in a way that makes the read exciting and fresh page after page.

There’s even a hint of what’s to come…more than once! A submarine finds a city under water that’s well below optimum pressure (Atlantis-like, perhaps?), and the cliffhanger of Chupacrabra.

The artwork in this I think is just great. I think this one feels more finished out than issue #1. More attention has been paid to the details this time around. And the handfuls of panels that have a rather stagnant background don’t detract from the rest of the scene being displayed before you.

Rating: 8/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great artwork, great intertwining stories, good plot, good character development.


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