[Comic Review] Guarding the Globe #1

Guarding the Globe #1This particular series caught my eye for two reasons:

  1. It was relatively new (having only two issues out at the time of this writing).
  2. It was about a superhero group other than the likes of the Avengers, X-Men or Justice League.

Image has released a small gem in Guarding the Globe #1.

Apparently, it’s a spin-off of another series entitled Invincible. Not having read any of it myself (yet), I’m not entirely sure if it involves the same characters, so as far as picking this title up, I’m going in blind.

This issue sets up not only the introduction of several characters (Brit, Best Tiger Kaboomering, Japandroid and Outrun to name a few) but also several plots for future books.

The technique the creators used in this book tended to be a little distracting, and I hope that future releases will come off a bit more “tight”. Switching frequently between characters and locales got to be a bit of an overload come the final panel. It didn’t overshadow the potential that this series has, but it certainly gave me a bit of a headache by the end.

The main focus of this issue seemed to be more of Brit and his home life (insert upset wife and son newly diagnosed with Autism). This helped to ground the book some. That is to say, with everything else going on, by coming back to the same character throughout gave me something to hold onto and stay focused.

The artwork is a mix. Apparently, the artists is both inking and coloring and in some places things seem to be not as…finished out as it should. However, this doesn’t take away anything. And in fact, in some ways, it enhances the books overall affect. Your attention is drawn to the characters who are always more finished out then the background.

This series is one to watch out for. The first issue might be a bit A.D.H.D., but I think the creators behind it have a great opportunity to bring life into another group of superheroes that could stick around for some time to come.

Rating: 7/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Good character development, good plot introductions, good artwork, ok story with a lot of choppiness.


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