[Comic Review] Avenging Spider-Man 2012 Annual

Avenging Spider-Man Annual 2012I’m not usually a huge fan of annuals, no matter who puts them out. It seems like just another excuse to drop a book and charge extra for the same amount of crap.

And, I have to say that after reading Marvel’s Avenging Spider-Man 2012 annual…well, it’s the first time I’ve been disappointed in the series so far.

Is it horrible? No. I just hate the one-shot format, especially for a longer running series.

In this issue, we find good ol’ Peter Parker teaming up with Ben Grimm…sort of. It’s more like they are at odds and under the influence for most of the book.

A couple local goons get it in their scheming heads to cruise through Central Park with a metal detector to see what they can come up with (apparently, the fact that the Avengers have had battles there means it’s a genius idea to look for leftovers). And, they find what they are looking for and unknowingly activate the device, sending the town into a rage. Then…into a love fest…then…finally, back to normal.

The dialogue is on par, however, with the rest of the series and it’s one of the many things that helps to save this title. The artwork is great (in my opinion, at any rate). And, the interaction between Spider-Man and the Thing is hilarious at times.

It’s worth netting if you’re already a fan of the series, but, I’m still left having to wait till Avenging Spider-Man #14 comes to get some satisfaction.

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Horrid One-Shot format, good artwork, humorous, little to no plot, good dialogue.


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