[Comic Review] Avenging Spider-Man #13

Avenging Spider-Man #13I have as yet to get caught up on the entirety of Marvel‘s Avenging Spider-Man series. So, in the mean time, I figure as I piece together the #1-#11, I might as well continue forward!

That brings us to Avenging Spider-Man #13. A continuation from #12, we found that the Hypno-Hustler was behind Spider-Man’s nightmares and Deadpool employment.

The interplay between the characters is mildly entertaining. I think the Hypno-Hustler is a bit…over the top for a villain. Nothing like a hypnotizing disco fanatic still conversing like he’s straight out of the 1970’s to make you loose a bit of interest. But, as stated, the interplay between them is what makes this floppy an interesting read.

Naturally, the Hypno-Hustler turns on Deadpool and attempts to “renegotiate” their arrangement, which results in both Spider-Man and Deadpool working together in the end. A short, but page-turning story all in all.

And, there’s even a bit of Rocky Horror Picture Show, with Deadpool taking center stage!

Rating: 7/10 Gingered Digits.


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