[Comic Review] A+X #1

A+X #1This is a novelty if I’ve ever seen one. Marvel’s new A+X series is bound to be loved by some and hated by others. It’s also one of the new series to roll out under the “Marvel Now” header.

To me, A+X #1 is what it is. It can be cheesy. It has some one-liners. Most importantly though, it has (and the series will continue to have) interesting pairings of Marvel’s superheros. In this issue, we have two stories. The first involves Captain America (with Bucky) and Cable teaming up. The second we find Wolverine and the Hulk.

In the short story involving the Captain and Cable…well…it’s short, and lacks pretty much anything resembling a plot. But, I think that’s the premise here. Less meat and all about the dessert. Here, the duo (or trio, if you count Captain America’s sidekick Bucky) are facing off against Nazi’s, specifically, Adolf’s new-found friend, Atticus Trask. Trask has brought with him a Sentinel (yep, one of those sentinels). Trask has apparently travelled back through time to bury a Sentinel in hopes of it awakening in the near(er?) future to destroy mutants. Naturally, the two thwart the bad guy, destroy the Sentinel and bring Trask to justice.

The second story finds Wolverine and Hulk facing off against…<insert drum roll>…their future selves! The story starts out mildly entertaining with the two bickering over the last piece of cake. Then enter their future versions, searching for the hulk…or rather, another hulk, not the green one. Some fighting ensues, there’s an exchange of rather poor dialogue (although some of the one-liners are worth a chortle). The future versions are defeated and poofle back to their original time and the Green Hulk gets the cake. The twist at the end? The Red Hulk is the president of the United States of America in their possibly alternate timeline. And, it was he who sent back the duo to kill…himself!

All in all, it was fun. But that’s all it is. There’s no real evident story here, even though there is a cliffhanger, I’m not sure how it’s going to play out in future issues. If you’re looking for skipping the tasty bits and want to jump straight to the muscle, then pick it up. If you want to see a favorite hero pair up with another (and in some cases, rather unique) hero from the Marvel Now universe, then pick it up! If you want something with substance…well…then pick it up anyway, but make sure that you grab something else more substantial along with it! I’m actually interested in A+X #2, as it looks as if half the book will be dedicated to Spider-Man and Beast! Yep…I told you…interesting pair ups, but if this issue is any indicator, it’ll be an experience!

Rating: 5/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: No real plot (that’s at least evident), unique combination of heroes (in the form of Captain America and Cable, not Hulk and Wolverine), art is pretty, no real storyline that I can see, no character development (but then again, in this case, who needs that?).


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