[Comic Review] Night Stalker #1

Night Stalker #1I have to admit, the whole concept behind dark heroes totally tickles my fancy. There’s something about bad good guys, or good bad guys, that I think is genius. It offers more complexity to a hero and allows for them to break the rules a bit, if you will. So, when I read the little blurp about inside the cover about Night Stalker #1, put out by Revolution Comics, my interest was piqued.

This series is about a fallen angel, of sorts, named Dyana, and her companion, an imp-like demon named Azrael. She is a hunter/investigator/executioner working for hell. A little cliche, yes, but it’s not a horrid concept to revisit. The #1 issue has us experiencing a little bit of what she and her friend, Michelle, do. So naturally, hunting of prostitute-slaughtering and spanish-speaking hellions ensue. In the end, we even get a little taste of the Big Man Down Under, as well. Maybe not visually, but, we get the gist of just how badass Satan is, and the power he has over his servant.

The artwork is pretty good as well. It’s a style I’ve seen before and in years past. So nothing totally new or genre-breaking. And, it’s stereotypical “woman in tight-fighting clothing with big boobs” panels. Still, it’s enjoyable overall

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.


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