[Comic Review] Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #1

Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #1Fresh off the shelves, this is one titled I’ve been looking forward to since Avatar slated it for release. I love this series, and now with a post-Night of the Living Dead addition, it keeps getting better.

This time around, our story starts out in the late 1970’s (1977, to be exact) in L.A. We meet a zombie-enthusiast whom also fronts her own punk band dubbed ”the Creeping Flesh.” This title has all the same great artwork as its predecessors. And, it starts out right away with a little shock and awe.

This title has it all, and in a way only Avatar can seem to pull off. Wannabe zombie punk rockers, felattio, head shots, betrayals of the heart and more!

This has an obvious feel of being an introduction. We follow our “star” from L.A. into Las Vegas, where we meet her father, a senator. The town is supposedly sealed up tight, but as always, there’s that one spot that is overlooked.

I expect good things here, and if the fact that three trades are already out there, this is a series that will continue to impress its fan base, and hopefully attract even more.

Rating: 8/10

Reasoning: Good character introduction/development, good artwork, good story, ok plot, somewhat predictable thus far.


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