[Comic Review] Lot 13 #1

Lot 13 #1DC Comics isn’t the first name that comes to mind when I think of horror comics. In truth…it’s not the second…or the third…or…well…you get the point. So, when I saw Loft 13 #1 on the release schedule, I was more than just a little skeptical.

All in all, this introduction into a five-part series wasn’t horrid at all. And, it was worth $2.99.

The artwork…isn’t my thing and it’s my only real complaint about this title. Something about it just doesn’t jive when I look through it. Whether it’s because of the mixed medium or what…I can’t really tell. There’s something that I wish was there, but isn’t, especially in the backgrounds. It’s as if time was put into the forefront, and the rest was just flood filled using a computer. It makes for a harsh contrast.

The story, however, is interesting enough. We are shown a flashback to 1670, where a family stands trial for committing suicide. Found guild, the dead corpses are dragged through town, beaten and thrown into a mass grave.

Then comes the introductions to the family the story centers around. Moving out of a flat in the middle of town, they are moving to a much smaller community. Unfortunately, luck is not on their side as (I’m assuming) there newly acquired house is being fumigated.

Instead, the family has to stay in a random hotel complex that seems to appear out of nowhere. A little cliché? Yes. But still, not bad…it is Halloween after all, and cheesy horror is what it’s all about. The family catches glimpses of the dead family mention above, specifically one of the children killed. Just how this family and theirs are connected has not been revealed. But, the creators ended this issue classically, with just enough to leave me wanting more.

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: So-so art, good story development, good character development, good plot, somewhat predictable.


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