[Comic Review] Let’s Play God #1

Let's Play God #1IDW Publishing never ceases to disappoint me. Confuse and baffle me…sometimes, yes.

Let’s Play God #1 is one of those moments where I’m not entirely sure what to think, or even what they were thinking. And, before you judge, that is not necessarily a negative comment, at least in this case.

This new four-part series could play out either very interesting, or, it may fall flat on its face. But, as I stated, IDW Publishing has yet to actually disappoint me. So, I have high hopes that as the next three issues are released, the picture the creators are trying to create will become vividly clear.

In this issue we meet Mel and her two friends and bandmates. During this one-night introduction, we follow Mel along through peeping toms, killers, risqué pictures and a sense of dread.

There is a story brewing here, I know it. In this issue, the beginnings of the plot are seeping from its pages. It’s an interesting enough read. The artwork is great. And, even though I have no idea where it may lead me, the concept is at least intriguing.

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great artwork, ok character development, ok plot, decent story, vague intentions.


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