[Comic Review] Marvel Zombie Halloween (2012 One-Shot)

Marvel Zombies Halloween 2012 One-ShotI’m not really a huge fan of Marvel’s Zombie line. Something about undead superheroes seems a little too trendy to me. But, I decided to pick this seasonal one-shot up despite my better judgment.

Marvel Zombies Halloween is a seasonal one-shot, it was seriously lacking in…well…anything. It’s obvious it’s targeting a younger audience.

The dialogue was painful in all but a handful of panels. The premise was an escaped cat and the resulting child alone on Halloween getting himself into a real mess. The child in question: Colossus’ son, Peter Rasputin Pryde.

However, for the targeted demographic, it was a…”cute”…gesture. I’m not entirely sure the plot line for the whole Zombie line, but it left it open, or at least hinted, at more to come, with Mephisto letting the boy know he’ll be coming or him again (after he saves the day).

Rating: 4/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Poor story, poor dialogue, decent artwork, poor character development.


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