[Comic Review] Witch Doctor, Volume 1, Under the Knife

Witch Doctor, Volume 1: Under the KnifeYou want a way to me heart? Utilize anything from H.P. Lovecraft. Whether it’s your own concepts and ideas that simply use Lovecraft’s flavor or a direct representation.

Witch Doctor Volume 1: Under the Knife, released by Skybound and Image Comics, does just that. Brandon Seifert is a twisted genius! And combined with Lukas Ketner’s artwork…it’s a sick, dark and warped feast for the eyes!

Seifert’s writing style is simply great. Although at times, the main character, Dr. Vincent Marrow, can be a little too slap-stick it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment. Our setting takes place in and around Arkham, Oregon. The Lovecraftian flavor rears its head quit often, even so far as using H.P.’s Dagon concept of fish-men.

I simply love how this series takes a different approach to how it deals with monsters. Like what Brandon Seifert writes in his closing, much of it is diseased based. Instead of being something overtly supernatural, each encounter is based around Dr. Marrow diagnosing his “patients” and striving to find a “cure.” Whether that is to legitimately help one under his care, or to destroy an adversary (enter the Dagon).

“What do you do with any evil baby? …you shake it!”

This TB had me busting at the seems. The humor is right up my alley, and the concepts are great. And, since this is a trade, there are extra little tidbits towards the end that make my overall respect for Seifert and Ketner’s work. It’s one thing to see a work of art, but, it’s another thing to also see how it has developed and became more refined over time.


Rating: 10/10 Gingered Digits.


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