[Comic Review] Cyber Force #1

Cyber Force #1Kickstarter is a marvelous thing. It’s done wonders for just about every aspect of the entertainment industry, and given many projects a chance to see the light.

Cyber Force, an effort between Top Cow and Image, is just one of said projects.

I heard a few things about this particular title over the internets while rooting around on various forums and news feeds. And, truth be told, I was even interested in seeing just what the creative team behind this Kickstarter movement was going to offer.

Apparently, there was enough dough raised that, as part of the “deal,” Cyber Force #1 was going to be a free publication. I will tell you this, when I found this gem sitting on the counter by the register at one of my local shops, I was a little bit excited. And, when it found its way into my bag, I was happy as can be.

That being said, free or not, I would gladly pay for this, no questions asked. Cyber Force #1 is awesome. It’s hefty. It’s artistically pleasing. It’s about cyborgs and the end of the world. If that isn’t a win-win combination, I don’t know what is!

Issue #1 gives us a great streamlined introduction to Carin Taylor and her, I’m assuming, soon-to-be compatriots. We catch a glimpse of what the “future” will hold for Earth and its inhabitants, and also a brief introduction to the Force team.

The story is well put together. The donation money, at least thus far, has gone towards a worthy cause. Beefy and chewy, with more than enough to fill you up on in one setting. It’s just how I like my floppies. I can honestly say, with this issue, there were few shortcomings, and if you can find yourself of a copy of this beast, get it, read it, love it!

Rating: 10/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great story, great character concepts, superb artwork, great future potential, FREE.


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