[Comic Review] Danger Club #1-2

For the most part, I am not a huge fan of youth-based superheroes. I think they are trendy and tend to not target my demographic. I will admit, I occasionally delve into my guilty pleasure of Teen Titans, etc. But, I don’t follow them on a regular basis and don’t really invest my paycheck towards them.

That being said, the Danger Club series by Image Comics caught my eye. Tucked away neatly in the rack, I almost overlooked it. Thankfully, I was motivated enough to dig a little and came out with a gem.

From what I can tell and how I interpret the floppy is that it’s a mix of Teen TitanKick Ass, etc. What I found appealing is that it targets my demographic…that is to say, an adult. The art is amazing. The storyline appealing. And the violence…well…simply beautiful.

Danger Club #1With Danger Club #1, we get a taste of our heroes and the beautiful display of talent the title was working on it. Upon opening the cover, I was greeted with a page right out of an era long gone. A little synopsis of a flashback of sorts, getting the readers up to snuff to where the writer wants us to be.

We find ourselves in a world devoid of heroes. For whatever reason, a threat is encroaching the planet and they lost their lives fighting it. Instead, this is where the younger soon-to-be main characters come into play. With the “adult” absence felt, an egomaniac youth takes over named Apollo. He has managed to coerce his “lessers” into submission. Our three young heroes, however, have another thing in mind. We are introduced to Kid Vigilante, Magician and Fearless (Jack) and their plans to retake control.

Thrown right into the the plot from the get-go, I couldn’t stop turning the pages, my eyes eagerly taking in panel after panel. I thought for sure I was wasting $2.99…and I was proven wrong. Way wrong.

Rating: 10/10 Gingered Digits.

Danger Club #2This brings us to Danger Club #2. Yet another feast for the eyes to behold!

Once again, I was greeted with another “retro” panel of yesteryear that gives us a taste of things to come. I have to say that I am a fan of these two contrasting styles of art. The first panel in both #1 and #2 are from eras long gone. Once you turn the page, your eyes are greeting with a modern style or artwork.

This, I think, has intentional reasoning. Part of it is, these youths are “sidekicks.” They were heroes “in training” before the “real” heroes were killed. Now, they are all there is. So, you have the old, or the original set of heroes that have died and then you have the new, or the sidekicks.

The team behind Danger Club then treats us to a flashfoward of sorts. We catch a glimpse of what is to come, or at least, a glimpse of what possability the future may hold.

Throughout this comic, the choice of placement holds key. There is a sincere moment with Kid Vigilante and his brother, Kid Victory. The artists behind this work of genius alternates between this intimate scene and an action scene with Yoshimi Onomoto and her robot. Doing so really brings out the contrast between the two scenes, and even emphasis their significance.

I’m glad I found this series. When I think of comics that deserve a chance and are legit up-and-comers, Danger Club is that I see.

Rating: 10/10 Gingered Digits.


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