[Comic Review] Dan the Unharmable #2

Dan the Unharmable #2So…I caved. I loved the #1 so much, that I went out and got caught up on the rest of the series (which, at this time, is up to #6). And, since the review of Dan the Unharmable #1, by Avatar, went live this morning, I figure I might as well throw up the review of Dan the Unharmable #2.

The artwork is still amazing as always. And the story…is interesting. Naturally, I felt a ping a familiarity when I was reading through and I realized David Lapham is behind it. For those that don’t know, Lapham is one of the twisted minds behind Crossed. And some of that same writing perspective can be found here.

The story of Dan continues, as he begins traveling with his so-called daughter to rescue the rest of his kids. With a limited memory of anything before 2000-ish, he’ s still uncertain of these kids really came from his loins.

Throw in a duo of murderers, one with a tooth fetish that makes her horny and the other with a large…member…gifted from god, mayhem ensues. Unfortunately, it results in their own demise.

It’s outrageous as before, and I hope that it continues. Part of the appeal to me is this series’ over-the-top sensibilities. And Dan is one I’m sure to be following for quite some time!

Rating: 8/10 Gingered Digits.


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