[Comic Review] Dan the Unharmable #1

Dan the Unharmable #1“You wanna taste my pie, Dan?”

One of the best opening sequences ever! And, it keeps getting better thereafter.

Scoping out the floppies on the rack, looking for other #1’s that would catch my eye, I stumbled upon Dan the Unharmable, put out by Avatar Press. I grabbed the stack, flipped through a couple issues and found the only #1 tucked neatly in the back. Throwing it on my stack, I knew from the get-go I was going to be in for a treat.

There is something…appealing about a private detective-style character that is more neo-hippie and reminiscent of The Big Lebowski‘s Dude character. Here, Dan, opens with a case similar to that of the Black Dahlia murders and unbeknownst to the main character, before the end, he will be brought into it.

This is the style or art I love. It’s not clean. It’s dark. It’s everything and a bag of chips. I dig the noir feel the artist, Rafael Ortiz, gave to it. I found myself being pulled to the next page. This being a #1, it was a bit more backstory and character description rather than an outright plot following floppy. And, it didn’t disappoint. You get a feel for just what kind of a person Dan is without actually too much past descriptors.

All in all, once I sunk my teeth into this floppy, it left me wanting more. And, with Dan the Unharmable #6 recently released on to the shelves, I’ll have plenty to chew on for now.

Rating: 8/10 Gingered Digits.


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