[RPG Review] Pathfinder RPG Game Mastery Guide and GM Screen

There isn’t enough that can be said about Paizo‘s Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. They have a ton of support of the game with more releases of supplements than I can shake a stick at. So, from time to time, you’re going to see a posting of a book, module…or really anything I find interesting concerning the gaming line.

Now, I am a completionist. By this, I mean usually, once I invest money into something, I have to have it all. So, when it comes to gaming systems I tend to invest in the “core” books, whether I’ll ever use them or not. Most often that includes the main rulebook, the GM’s guide and a monstrous manual. Most of the time, I really only flip through the core rulebook and only give a slight glance over the rest. GM’s guides are usually filled with crap and to be honest, there’s really no such thing as a guide on how to run a game. Those books are usually $40 advice columns that follow up with page after page of treasure and encounter charts. And, if the game is never run, which usually happens with me, there’s no need to even crack the cover of a monstrous manual.

Pathfinder RPG Game Mastery GuideHowever, Pathfinder’s Game Mastery Guide is amazingly done. Yes, it has the “What If?” sections and how to deal with certain player stereotypes like any other. But, it’s a valuable resource, in my opinion, for anyone wanting to create their own setting rather than just using canon. I bought the Game Mastery Guide with the specific intentions of reading the World Creators section…but, I found myself reading the book from the beginning to it’s end.

The authors go to serious extent in giving tidbits on world building. From how you should start map-wise (whether you want to start small and move out, or start big and move in), to towns and how to make them feel legit, to even the types of people and societies there are in your world. I’ve never actually encountered a GM’s guide that goes to quite the same depth as this.

Naturally, it also has every other table you could possibly conceive that isn’t in the Core Rulebook located towards the end as well. No GM’s guide would be complete without them. But, they do so with a little panache to make you feel like you got your moneys worth…which, honestly, is very hard to do in today’s RPG market.

Rating: 10/10 Gingered Digits.

Pathfinder RPG GM ScreenNo game would be complete without, of course, the GM Screen.

Pathfinder is no different. Their version has chart after valuable chart literally shoe-horned onto the back. No fluff. Not giant spaces of white or artistic filler here. You need a chart? You got it. This is worth the $14.99 (or less) in the simple fact alone most every important chart you might need to GM is found here. It’ll save valuable time in the long run, which means more time gaming and less time looking up what you need to make that encounter run smoothly or player’s roll to take only a few seconds to figure out the outcome.

The artwork on the front is so-so. No stunning panoramic view of the majestic mountains. No fire-breathing dragons. Not bloody war against the goblins. It’s simply their named characters found throughout their rulebooks standing side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, staring down the player’s before you. Most of these characters are apart of their comic line as well, which is a nice tie-in for Paizo in keep things linked together.

All in all, artwork aside (and to be honest, since you as a GM don’t look at the front, who cares?), it’s an amazing resource if you plan on running anything using the Pathfinder system.

Rating: 8/10 Gingered Digits.


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  1. Very Interesting review and i think the same….. good Blog i hope read more soon… take care.

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