[Comic Review] National Comics, Rose & Thorn #1

National Comics: Rose & Thorn #1This is my first time dipping into the National Comics of DC Comics‘ line. After doing some digging to figure out what I want to pick up on my next trip through my local store, this is one that kept popping up.

Here’s my issue with the National Comics series: They are one-shots. Whether that’s what they will remain, or if it’s a way to gauge interests and demand, I don’t fully know.

That being said, National Comics: Rose & Thorn #1 I found to be visually pleasing. Neil Googe’s artwork is great and I love how he places emphasis on a character’s pose and facial expressions makes you feel the agitation and nervousness of the main character Rose.

Here we have a character with split or multi-personalities. One, the good school girl, the other, the bad girl. Personally, I like how some of the goings on is left off panel, letting the reader fill in the gaps with their imagination. The story if from the viewpoint of Rose, the “good girl” personal and although Thorn (the “bad girl”) does make an appearance, it’s an after-effect. Rose is trying to tie things together from a blackout, and Thorn leaves messages to fill her in.

The problem with this issue, and possible the entire National Comics line, is the fact that it’s supposed to be a one shot. Until I pick up more and read them, I can’t speak for any of the others. However, for Rose & Thorn #1, it doesn’t work well in this format. Things finally start to get rolling and right at an “Ah Ha” moment, it’s over. As a stand-alone, it lacks oomph. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth reading. In fact, I’m recommending the exact opposite and fully endorse giving it a look see. Just a word of advice: reader beware! Closure, or even a sense close to it, is not a sensation to be had once you reach the final page.

Rating: 7/10 Gingered Digits.


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