[Book Review] Broken Blade

Broken Blade by Kelly McCulloughI have a serious case of A.D.H.D. when it comes to books. If something doesn’t capture my attention in the first 15-20 pages, chances are, It’ll be put down and never picked back up again.

Broken Blade by Kelly McCullough is a novel that caught my eye. Actually, it’s sequel, Bared Blade is what drew my attention. Naturally, the local bookstore giant I found it in didn’t have the first in the series, so I had to order it on my eReader.

Broken Blade is about a has-been assassin. His order was snuffed out and the few that remain dispersed. The character, Aral Kingslayer, does just enough to keep a bottle of booze sitting cozy on his table.

It’s a book about redemption. It’s a book about the past coming back to haunt you. It has it all, and is a pretty impressive feet given Kelly McCullough’s newness to the published world. Everything from backstabbing former companions to the undead to even a love interest.

If you like fantasy, this book is definitely for you. There are some shortcomings, don’t get me wrong. Some pacing issues are there, as well as spots where the premise and plot runs a little thin. But, I found myself easily immersed and wrapped into the character. I couldn’t put it down, and whenever I could, I found my nose pressed up close to my eReader screen, excited when it was time to move on to the next page.

Rating: 7/10 Gingered Digits.


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