[Comic Review] The Amazing Spider-Man #695

The Amazing Spider-Man #695With all the hoopla surrounding certain Marvel franchises, I’m not going to lie, I became tired. I became tired of Marvel. For whatever reason, I lost interest in every single series they put out.

That being said, I never knew what I’ve been missing until just now! The Amazing Spider-Man is one I had been a fan of since I was a kid back in the 1980’s. Both that and Spectacular Spider-Man. For whatever reason, I love the art and the storylines back then. Even when X-Men were a phenom, I still stuck to my roots and invested my hard earned allowance into these two titles more often than not.

For whatever reason, while I was scoping out the latest releases on the shelves of one of the local shops, The Amazing Spider-Man #695 caught my eye. I didn’t buy it right away, for reason stated above. Maybe even out of fear of being disappointed. But, after some internal discussion and several visits later, it found it’s way into my hand and I hope that it continues to be this good.

Some things to be aware of before hand is that some of the staff are soon stepping away from this particular line after #700. However, this issue marked the bringing in of Camuncoli (returning, actually) and Fabela. I have to say, I LOVE THE ART! It’s a tad rough, just the way I like it. Not only that, but it’s visually popping! Which brings me back to my mental heyday of the 80’s. I ate up every single page.

Now, onto the actually issue itself. The storyline is the beginning of a new arc that is set to come to a climax in #700. In this case, they focus on the Hobgoblin, current and previous (in the form of Kingsley). The reason this makes me giddy you ask? Simple. the Hobgoblin is one of my favorite villain in the Spider-Man franchise. It could have to do with the fact I was into the serious around the time the character was created back in the 80’s, and to a certain extent, grew up being fascinated by him.

This issue is a great lead-in for the new arc. The plot kept me involved right up to the final page, and I was wanting more. Again, this could either be due to the fact it is just that good, or, I was overwhelmed with the sense of my inner child. Perhaps my want to reminisce took over my better judgement, but if #695 is any sign of what is to come, I will be making The Amazing Spider-Man a staple of my pulls.

Rating: 9/10 Gingered Digits.


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