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[Comic Review] Lot 13 #1

Posted in Comic Review with tags , on October 31, 2012 by Casey Hutton

Lot 13 #1DC Comics isn’t the first name that comes to mind when I think of horror comics. In truth…it’s not the second…or the third…or…well…you get the point. So, when I saw Loft 13 #1 on the release schedule, I was more than just a little skeptical.

All in all, this introduction into a five-part series wasn’t horrid at all. And, it was worth $2.99.

The artwork…isn’t my thing and it’s my only real complaint about this title. Something about it just doesn’t jive when I look through it. Whether it’s because of the mixed medium or what…I can’t really tell. There’s something that I wish was there, but isn’t, especially in the backgrounds. It’s as if time was put into the forefront, and the rest was just flood filled using a computer. It makes for a harsh contrast.

The story, however, is interesting enough. We are shown a flashback to 1670, where a family stands trial for committing suicide. Found guild, the dead corpses are dragged through town, beaten and thrown into a mass grave.

Then comes the introductions to the family the story centers around. Moving out of a flat in the middle of town, they are moving to a much smaller community. Unfortunately, luck is not on their side as (I’m assuming) there newly acquired house is being fumigated.

Instead, the family has to stay in a random hotel complex that seems to appear out of nowhere. A little cliché? Yes. But still, not bad…it is Halloween after all, and cheesy horror is what it’s all about. The family catches glimpses of the dead family mention above, specifically one of the children killed. Just how this family and theirs are connected has not been revealed. But, the creators ended this issue classically, with just enough to leave me wanting more.

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: So-so art, good story development, good character development, good plot, somewhat predictable.


[Comic Review] Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #1

Posted in Comic Review with tags , on October 31, 2012 by Casey Hutton

Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #1Fresh off the shelves, this is one titled I’ve been looking forward to since Avatar slated it for release. I love this series, and now with a post-Night of the Living Dead addition, it keeps getting better.

This time around, our story starts out in the late 1970’s (1977, to be exact) in L.A. We meet a zombie-enthusiast whom also fronts her own punk band dubbed ”the Creeping Flesh.” This title has all the same great artwork as its predecessors. And, it starts out right away with a little shock and awe.

This title has it all, and in a way only Avatar can seem to pull off. Wannabe zombie punk rockers, felattio, head shots, betrayals of the heart and more!

This has an obvious feel of being an introduction. We follow our “star” from L.A. into Las Vegas, where we meet her father, a senator. The town is supposedly sealed up tight, but as always, there’s that one spot that is overlooked.

I expect good things here, and if the fact that three trades are already out there, this is a series that will continue to impress its fan base, and hopefully attract even more.

Rating: 8/10

Reasoning: Good character introduction/development, good artwork, good story, ok plot, somewhat predictable thus far.

[Comic Review] Sleepy Hollow #1

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Sleepy Hollow #1Released by Zenescope, Sleepy Hollow is a retelling of the classic tale set within their “Grimm Universe.”

In Sleepy Hollow #1 we follow along with a budding university student named Craig Marsters. Everything seems to be going as planned, until naturally, a little wrench is thrown into the works.

Here is a universal tale of jocks versus geeks. The aspiring straight ‘A’ student is asked to tutor a failing, in both academics and extracurricular activities, jock. When things don’t go quite as the jock wants them, poor Craig is in for a world of hurt.

All in all, this issue was alright. The art wasn’t necessarily my style, but that isn’t enough in my opinion to hold it back. For a title that was meant to be “dark,” I felt the artwork was a little too crisp (and again, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the art, because the team is talented).

And, the story was short, but just long enough to get you gripped. You feel for Craig, right up until the last panel the light of the train.

Rating: 7/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Good artwork, great concept, decent delivery, good character development.

[Comic Review] Night of the Living Dead Volume #1

Posted in Comic Review with tags , on October 30, 2012 by Casey Hutton

Night of the Living Dead Volume #1Finding out that Avatar is releasing a post Night of the Living Dead series starting the last day of October 2012 (which, conveniently, comic release day is also Halloween, eh?) entitled Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath, I got a little excited.

I’ve never been a big follower of Avatar until recently, so I had to do a little digging. Once I saw that title on their upcoming release schedule, I decided I had to read some of the previous Night of the Living Dead series.

Luckily, TB’s abound! That made delving into the comic franchise a little easier on my sanity, and my wallet!

Night of the Living Dead Volume 1 was a 2010 release, and two more TB’s have following since.

But, what good does it do to start anywhere but the beginning?

Designed as a prequel-ish concept to the Romero movie of same name, Night of the Living Dead Volume 1 was spectacularly entertaining!

The artwork is great, and such artists seem to be a staple on Avatar’s payroll. Everything I’ve picked up, from Dan the Unharmable to Crossed has been candy to my eyes. Within this title’s cover, we find just enough blood and twisted imagination to sate just about any horror fans delight. And, to top it off, it feels just like an old horror flick, right just the right amount of pacing and the occasional naked camp scene thrown in for good measure.

The story is also written well, as Night of the Living Dead Volume 1 was an easy and flowing read from beginning to end, in all of its 192 pages. The creators shuffled around the characters in which they focus on. Some can be found coming back later on and others getting eaten alive in a vivid display of color. Even a handful of characters from the movie make a slight guest appearance. Not in the movie sense, but rather, the end result. The movie itself isn’t portrayed at all, but I could still “see” it in the overall concept.

I can’t wait to pick up the next two volumes and the new series when it comes out!

Rating: 10/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great story, fantastic artwork, good plot, great take on a cult classic.

[Comic Review] The Pound: Ghouls Night Out #2

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The Pound: Ghouls Night Out #2In IDW’s The Pound: Ghouls Night Out #2, the plot thickens for our two main characters.

In this issue, we find the truth behind the government and the supernatural’s agreement with one another. Even going so far as beings like vampires and werewolves helping us to win against the Nazi’s in World War II.

Scottie Allison and Howie Lynch’s life just became more complicated with the involvement of a government agency that deals with the supernatural. Unknowingly, they apparently have stepped on several toes and crossed the line of the unpublicized “treaty” of sorts between our society and theirs.

Now, what specifically is making the local (possibly renegade vampires?) go after our group of bumbling heroes, I don’t know, but, it’s leading to some great storytelling.

With a visit from the mother-in-law, a revealing family history and a cliffhanger leading up to an interesting turn of events involving Scottie’s children, this IDW series is shaping up to be quite entertaining.

Rating: 9/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Seasonably fashionable, great story, intriguing character concepts, good artwork.

[Comic Review] Halloween Eve (2012 One-Shot)

Posted in Comic Review with tags , on October 29, 2012 by Casey Hutton

HalloweenEven001I read a handful of reviews of Image Comics’ Halloween Eve and I had high hopes. From what I read, the reviews where great. And, I am a fan of Amy Reeder’s previous work (Madam Xanadu and Batwoman, anyone?). So, I was rather excited when I ran scurrying to my local comic shop to nab a copy.

The concept of this work was great. Woman doesn’t like Halloween. Woman is a bit of a snob. Woman enters a world, gets set straight. Woman comes out changed for the better.

The problem with this is, it’s a one-shot and limited to only a handful of pages. Then it’s the one-shot aspect to consider.

The main character, Eve, works in a costume shop. It’s the night before Halloween (hence, the two-fer play on the title). She despises Halloween, and in the course of cleaning up for the night decides to try on a costume and ends up getting sucked into another world. Here, she meets a handful of…interesting creatures and comes out looking like Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz. When she comes out, she’s a happier “better” person for it.

Long-story short…is exactly the point here. There was so much more that could be done with this title. In this case, the sky would have been the limit. Instead, we’re stuck with a floppy that is shorted on pages and follow-up issues. The read was quick…a little too quick, and just when things start to get interesting, it was over. So in a way, the comic is hurting itself.

With the disappointment of the length aside, Reeder, however, does not fall short of her reputation. I have a tendency to go for more…grittier comics. I like dark, rough art. Reeder’s work is all but the opposite. It’s bright. It’s shiny. It’s…pleasing. Those familiar with her work won’t be sorry for picking up this title. Where the story might not fill you up, the eye candy will be more than enough to heap your plate.

Rating: 5/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great art, ok story, ok character development, poor plot, not suited to one-shot format.

[Comic Review] Let’s Play God #1

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Let's Play God #1IDW Publishing never ceases to disappoint me. Confuse and baffle me…sometimes, yes.

Let’s Play God #1 is one of those moments where I’m not entirely sure what to think, or even what they were thinking. And, before you judge, that is not necessarily a negative comment, at least in this case.

This new four-part series could play out either very interesting, or, it may fall flat on its face. But, as I stated, IDW Publishing has yet to actually disappoint me. So, I have high hopes that as the next three issues are released, the picture the creators are trying to create will become vividly clear.

In this issue we meet Mel and her two friends and bandmates. During this one-night introduction, we follow Mel along through peeping toms, killers, risqué pictures and a sense of dread.

There is a story brewing here, I know it. In this issue, the beginnings of the plot are seeping from its pages. It’s an interesting enough read. The artwork is great. And, even though I have no idea where it may lead me, the concept is at least intriguing.

Rating: 6/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Great artwork, ok character development, ok plot, decent story, vague intentions.

[Comic Review] A-Babies vs. X-Babies (2012 One-Shot)

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A-Babies vs X-Babies 2012 One-ShotMarvel offers a slightly skewed, but interesting adaptation of their Avengers vs. X-Men line with their A-Babies vs. X-Babies (2012 One-Shot) released 2012/10/24.

In its few short pages, it pretty much summed up the entire line previous released leading up to their Marvel Now releases.

It’s perfect…for …well…not adults. But, I think it’d be a good introduction for younger audiences into the climax of Marvel’s Avengers and X-Men as it transitions into its next generation of storylines.

From my own personal standpoint, it was obviously lacking. Not much of a story (as they are fighting an all-out war over a teddy bear named Bucky) no is the artwork my personal favorite. There is no character development. There is nothing spectacular about this release at all.

It is, however, a bunch of superhero babies beating the crap out of one another.

As stated, it’s obvious it’s for much younger audiences than me. And, from that standpoint, it does deliver some entertainment value. If you have a youngster around you’re wanted to get into comics, this is one I’d recommend. If, however, you’re like me and picked it up on a lark, don’t bother.

Rating: 4/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: No plot, no character development, no story, childish artwork, great for younger audiences.

[Comic Review] Haunted Horror #1

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Haunted Horrors #1Seeing comics out of the 1950’s brings back some childhood memories. Now, keep in mind, I wasn’t even an itch back in the 50’s. What I remember was in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Thanks to a little show on H.B.O. entitled Tales From the Crypt, the weird and horror tales from that bygone era had a bit of a resurgence.

So, when I saw that IDW and Yoe Books was releasing, or rather re-issuing, comics from that era and style, I just had to have it.

Just as cliché, cheesy and often morally orientated, Haunted Horror #1 brings us face to face with the past. Stories of revenge, murder and deceit, as well as possible futures for humanity fill its pages. If you have a thing for zombies, spider-women and aliens, this is definitely your bag. And, even if you don’t, if you haven’t experienced this time’s form of creepy tales, you need to pick this up.

With stories like The Wage-Earners, The Constant Eye and The Vengeful Curse, you can’t go wrong. So pick up a copy, and follow along with good ol’ Forelock the Warlock…you may just love it!

Rating: 10/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Reprint of great stories, cheesy and delightful, morally indulgent, horror from bygone era, classic artwork.

[Comic Review] Marvel Zombie Halloween (2012 One-Shot)

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Marvel Zombies Halloween 2012 One-ShotI’m not really a huge fan of Marvel’s Zombie line. Something about undead superheroes seems a little too trendy to me. But, I decided to pick this seasonal one-shot up despite my better judgment.

Marvel Zombies Halloween is a seasonal one-shot, it was seriously lacking in…well…anything. It’s obvious it’s targeting a younger audience.

The dialogue was painful in all but a handful of panels. The premise was an escaped cat and the resulting child alone on Halloween getting himself into a real mess. The child in question: Colossus’ son, Peter Rasputin Pryde.

However, for the targeted demographic, it was a…”cute”…gesture. I’m not entirely sure the plot line for the whole Zombie line, but it left it open, or at least hinted, at more to come, with Mephisto letting the boy know he’ll be coming or him again (after he saves the day).

Rating: 4/10 Gingered Digits.

Reasoning: Poor story, poor dialogue, decent artwork, poor character development.